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Standard Upgrades
(all prices US$)

• $  4,180 – Modern fireplace, rock up to 6’ with steel pipe
• $  1,900 – Second, exterior opening for fire place.
• $  3,000 – Stonework to top of chimney in place of pipe.
• $  5,200 – Covered pergola for parking lot – 2 cars (36m2)
• $  5,275 – ‘L’ Extension of terraza around to entrance
• $32,000 – One bedroom detached guest house with enclosed hall
                    way connecting to main house (50m2)
• $  8,950 – 2 person Jacuzzi, installation does not include deck
• $  2,960 – Installation of thermal protection on roof
• $  1,300 – 500 gallon. ‘Tinaco’ above stair well tower
• $  4,475 – Exterior log siding on all main level exterior walls, Model A or B
                    (note: some changes involve additional charges for Architectural
                    modifications to plans)

Kitchen Upgrades

• $     940 Granite counter tops : Model A
• $  1,300
Granite counter tops : Model B
• $  1,600 Granite counter tops : Model C & D
• $  2,200 Cabinets in Brazilian Oak : Model A
• $  3,000 Cabinets in Brazilian Oak : Model B

Bathroom Upgrades

• $  1,000 per bathroom charge for stone instead of ceramic
• $     400
per bath charge for installation of ‘double laminate safety glass’
                    shower divider instead of shower curtain rod

• $     725
per bathroom charge for substitution of hand made pottery sink,
                    pillar style faucet and wood vanity instead of pedestal sink

• $  2,875
enlarge shower to include exterior protected garden
                    opening for shower

• $  2,225
Additional bath on main floor for Model A

Standard logistical details to be considered

  1. Window openings do not include Jamba’s (wood frame) or screens.
  2. Door and kitchen cabinet hardware not included. Client will provide their
      own door knobs and kitchen cabinet pulls. Door hinges are included in budget.
  3. Gutters not included, but can be added.
  4. All exterior paint at the Village is a standard color. You may choose your own
      color of paint for interior walls.
  5. Closets do not include doors and are simple shelves. We recommend
      purchasing closet systems. We will gladly install these at no extra charge,
      if the client provides them during the construction process.
  6. Landscaping (paisajismo) not included, however ‘The Village’ can provide
      this service if needed.
  7. Inverter not included, however we will provide an additional panel, prepared
      for inverter.
  8. Gas hot water heater is included, however client will provide gas tank, or sign
      agreement with Tropigas to provide and install large tank.
  9. Client must prepare hookup for Electrical service from EDENORTE.
10. The rate of construction depends on the schedule of payments.
      The construction of a house can be accelerated if the client so wishes, simply
      discuss this with the office manager at Colorado designs and with your
      personal project manager.
11. Payment of all local permits are the responsibility of the client. Colorado
      Designs will provide the logistical support to process the permitting for ‘Uso del
      Suelos’ with the Ayuntamiento and negotiate payment to ‘Seguro Social’, ‘
      Turismo’ and ‘Medio Ambiente’.
12. Colorado designs recommends that you visit the project about every two
      weeks during the construction process. Please be in regular communication
      with the project manager assigned to your Eco Villa. Site visits during the
      week are preferred when ever possible.
13. Upon completion of your house, you will receive a certificate of occupation,
      at which time you can move in will be responsible to begin paying the
      monthly home owners association fee.



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